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Cable Guy - Fantasy island (John Ottman) Back - Front
Call Of Duty 2(Graeme Revell) Back - Front
Call Of Duty 2Big Red One (Graeme Revell) Back - Front
Call Of Duty 3 (Joel Goldsmith) Back - Front
Cape (The) La-La-Land (Bear McCreary) Back - Booklet
Caprica Complete TV Score 6cds (Bear McCreary) Back1 - Booklet1 - Back2 - Booklet2 - Back3 - Booklet3
Capricorne One (Jerry Goldsmith) Back
Captain America 2cds (Alan Silvestri) Back - Booklet
Catwoman 2cds (Klaus Badelt) Back - Booklet
Cave (The) (Klimek & Heil) Back - Booklet
Cell (The)Complete (Howard Shore) Back - Front
Chain Reaction Recording Sessions 2cds (Jerry Goldsmith) Back - Front - Back in Film Order
Chaos (Trevor Jones) Back - Booklet
Charlie's Angels/Blue Streak (Edward Shearmur) Back - Front
Charlie Bartlett (Christophe Beck) Back - Booklet
Checkmate (LP Rip)(Johnny Williams) Back - Front
Chicken Little (John Debney) Back - Front
Child's Play 2 Complete (Graeme Revell) Back - Front
Chinatown Complete (Jerry Goldsmith) Back - Front
Christine Complete (John Carpenter & Various) Back - Front
Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Caspian (Harry Gregson William) Back - Booklet
Cinderella Liberty (John Williams) Back - Front
Clash Of The Titans 2011 (2cds) (Ramin Djawadi) Back - Booklet
Cliffhanger 2cds (Trevor Jones) Back - Booklet
Cocoon Expanded (James Horner) Back - Front
Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind Unreleased & Alternates (John Williams) Back - Front
Cold Mountain (Gabriel Yared) Back - Front
Columbo (LP Rip)(Billy Goldenberg) Back - Front
Columbo Season 1 (dvd rip) (Billy Goldenberg - Gil Mellé - Dave Grusin) Back - Front
Coach Carter complete (Trevor Rabin) Back - Booklet
Commando sessions (James Horner) Back - Booklet
Company (The) (Jeff Beal) Back - Booklet
Conan 2cds (Basil Poledouris) Back - Front - New Back - New Front
Conan The Destroyer 2cds (Basil Poledouris) Back - Booklet
Confession Of A Shopaholic (James Newton Howard) Back - Booklet
Congo (Jerry Goldsmith) Back - Booklet
Constantine Complete (and Rejected)(Brian Tyler) Back - Front
Constantine complete (Klaus Badelt) Back - Booklet
Contact (Alan Silvestri) Back - Front or Booklet
Cool Runnings (Hans Zimmer) Back - Front
Core (The) Complete (Christopher Young) Back - Front
Corpse Bride 2cds (Danny Elfman) Back - Front
Cowboy Way (The) (david Newman) Back - Front
Craft (The) Complete (Graeme Revell) Back - Front
Crimson Tide Expanded (Hans Zimmer) Back - Front
Crimson Tide 2cds (Hans Zimmer) Back - Booklet
Crow (The) Expanded (Graeme Revell) Back - Front
Cruel Intentions (Edward Shearmur) Back - Front
CSI (John M Keane) Back - Front
Cursed (Marco Beltrami) Back - Front
Cursed 2cds (Marco Beltrami) Back - Booklet
Cuthroat Island Complete (John Debney) Back