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X-Files Tv Scores (Mak Snow) Back - Booklet
X-Files: I Want To Believe Complete (Without Album Versions) (Mark Snow) Back - Booklet
X-Men 2Cds Complete (Michael K-Men) Back - Front
X-Men II 2Cds Complete (John Ottman) Back - Front
X-Men II 2cds (New Version) Back - Back2 - Booklet
X-Men III The Last Stand 2cds (John Powell) Back - Booklet
X-Men Origins Wolverine 2cds (Harry Gregson Williams) Back - Booklet
X-Men First Class 2cds (Henry Jackman) Back - Booklet
xXx Complete (Randy Edelman) Back - Booklet
xXx 2 State Of The Union (Marco Beltrami) Back - Front