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LA Confidential Complete (Jerry Goldsmith) Back - Front
LA Confidential Rec Sessions (Jerry Goldsmith) Back - Booklet
Ladder 49 (William Ross) Back - Front
Lady In The Water 2cds (James Newton Howard) Back - Booklet
Lair VGM Complete (John Debney) Back - Booklet
Last Boy Scout Complete (Michael Kamen) Back - Front
Last Of The Mohicans Complete (Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman) Back - Front
The Last Samurai complete (Hans Zimmer) Back - Booklet
Last Starfighter Complete (Craig Safan) Back - Booklet
League Of Their Own (A) (Hans Zimmer) Back - Front
Legend Complete (Jerry Goldsmith) Back - Front
Legend Film Version (Jerry Goldsmith) Back - Front
Legion complete (John Frizzell) Back - Booklet
Less Than Zero (Thomas Newman) Back - Booklet
Lethal Weapon Film Version Edit (Michael Kamen) Back - Front
Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou/The Royal Tennenbaums (Mark Mothersbaugh) Back - Front
Life Or Something Like It (David Newman) Back - Front
Lifeforce Expanded (Henry Mancini) Back - Front
Lifeless Ordinary (David Arnold) Back - Front
Light It Up (Harry Gregson Williams) Back - Front
Lilo & Stitch 2cds (Alan Silvestri) Back - Booklet
Lilo & Stitch (Alan Silvestri) Back - Front
Link Expanded (Jerry Goldsmith) Back - Front
Lion King Expanded (Hans Zimmer) Back - Front
List Of Adrian Messenger/The Challenge (Jerry Goldsmith) Back - Booklet
Live Free Or Die Hard 2cds (Marco Beltrami) Back - Booklet
Lonely Are The Brave (Jerry Goldsmith) Back - Front
Lonely Guy Complete (Jerry Goldsmith) Back - Front
Long Kiss Goodnight Complete (Alan Silvestri) Back - Front
Lord Of Illusions Complete (Simon Boswell) Back - Front
The Losers 2cds (John Ottman) Back - Booklet
Lost Boys Complete 2cds (Thomas Newman) Back - Front
Lucky You 2cds (Christopher Young) Back - Booklet